PIC 4020

PIC 4020 is the integrity Public Interest Criterion. It must be satisfied in order for the visa to be granted.

PIC 4020 enables refusal of a visa if the applicant provides a bogus document, or information that is false or misleading in a material particular in relation to their visa application.

PIC 4020 also allows refusal of a visa if the bogus document or false/misleading information was provided in relation to a visa that the applicant held in the period of 12 months before the new visa application was made.

Besides that, PIC 4020 makes a refusal possible where the applicant fails to prove to the Department of Home Affairs their identity.  

The penalties for failing PIC 4020 are severe. Never provide bogus documents or misleading, false information with your visa application.

If you are facing PIC 4020 triggered risk of the visa refusal, in some instances it is possible to avoid the refusal. We are experienced with addressing the complexity in various circumstances, including requesting a waiver where the provision is possible.

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