Partner Visa (820 / 801 and 309 / 100)

You may be eligible to apply for a Partner Visa (De Facto Relationship Partner Visa or Spouse Partner Visa) if your partner is: 

  • an Australian citizen or
  • an Australian permanent resident or
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen.

To apply for a Partner visa (spouse visa application or de facto visa application), you must be:

  • married or
  • in a de facto relationship.

There are two different types of partner visas:

  • an onshore visa (subclass 820/801)
  • an offshore visa (subclass 309/100)

Onshore partner visa (subclass 820/801)

For this visa, you must be in Australia at the time when you apply for a visa, and at the time of the decision.

Offshore partner visa (subclass 309/100)

For this visa, you must be outside of Australia when you lodge the application. Similarly, you need to be offshore when you receive a grant. There are COVID concessions in place at the moment.

Partner Visa

Strict legislations

There are many strict legislation rules about a De Facto visa or Spouse Visa. Because of this, you need to prove the spousal or de facto relationship, prove you are living together or not living apart permanently, and pass health test and character test. And more! For example, did you know that in some instances you partner cannot be your sponsor for a partner visa if they have previously been a sponsor for a certain number of times?

Be ready to wait and pay

Spouse visa or a de facto relationship visa is a long and expensive process. For instance, current processing time for the first stage (temporary visa) can take up to 2 years. In addition, current de facto visa application cost is over 7.7 thousand dollars in government fees. Same goes to the spouse visa application cost.

Do not rush, be prepared and informed

Shortly, it is crucial to get the application right the first time. A registered migration agent can provide you with professional advice and assistance.

At Shire Migration, our registered migration agent is experienced with extremely complex cases. For example: s.48 barred, Schedule 3 complexities, health waivers, PIC 4020 complexities around Partner visa applications and others.

Firstly, we will assess your circumstances, and make sure the relationship meets the criteria. Secondly, we will identify your goals. Then we will prepare and lodge the best possible visa application. Moreover, we will guide you along the way until the decision.

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