NOICC Response

Before cancelling a visa under the specific grounds of the Migration Act 1958, the Department of Home Affairs’ delegate must give the visa holder a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC).

There are various reasons why a cancellation might be considered by the Department:

  • character grounds
  • bogus document
  • incorrect information
  • non-compliance with visa conditions
  • risk to public health and order
  • non-genuine business person,

and other reasons.

NOICC is a serious notice. The response will often influence whether the Department proceeds with the cancellation of the visa, or not.

At Shire Migration, we can assist with a response to a NOICC and by this to maximise your chances in avoiding a visa cancellation.  The period for a response to a NOICC can be very short (i.e., 5 working days for persons in Australia) so it is crucial to act quickly but thoroughly.

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