Partner Visa News

Being granted an Australian Partner visa is a life-defining moment in your couple’s life. Application for a Partner visa is a long and expensive process (government filing fee is currently $7715). You need to get it right the first time! In order for the visa to be granted, the legislation requirements must be met. Some of them include:

✔️ you need to be married, or be in a de facto relationship for a certain period of time

✔️ you need to explain the financial and social aspect of the relationship, show evidence about your commitment and explain the nature of your household

✔️ provide the supporting evidence from people who know of your relationship

✔️ supply the evidencing material to sustain your claims

✔️ meet the character and the health requirements of the visa subclass

✔️ prepare the application and documents correctly – and more!As a registered migration agent, I have access to the latest legislation, qualified to advise and assist you, and can take care of your application. We assist with onshore (820/801) and offshore (309/100) Partner visa applications, and with the Prospective marriage visa (300), including the most complex cases (s.48 barred, Sch 3 issues, s.56, health waivers). Visit our website to book a comprehensive consult with a written advice:, or call: 0430879065 to discuss your matter.#partnervisa#AustraliaImmigration#australiavisa#AustraliaPartnerVisa#SpouseVisa#visaaustralia#RegisteredMigrationAgent#migrationagent#australiapr

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