Taking Over Existing Applications

Some clients come to us after their application has already been lodged – by themselves or by a different advisor. Regardless of the reason you come to us for support and assistance, we can help.

We offer a service of a complete take-over of the application and managing the case until the decision.

While it is usually easier to fix the application’s issues early in the assessment, we can guide you no matter how far in the process you are when you reach out to us.   

We will review the application and the attachments, guide the improvements and amendments to be made, and look after the application until you receive a decision from the Department of Home Affairs. We will guide you every step of the way, providing timely advice and instructions.

Please note that to provide a completely satisfactory service, we refrain from a stand-alone review of a self-lodged application. For us to review the application, we need to take over the matter first. And we will not represent you with the Department of Home Affairs if you have not yet finalised the agreement with your previous advisor – as this goes against the Code of Conduct for the Migration Agents.

To discuss your specific circumstances with the already submitted application, please get in touch with us today.