Application for Permission to Work (PTW)

If the bridging visa is issued with condition 8105 – “No Work”, you must not work in Australia.

This condition can be attached to a visa for various reasons. In most situations, however, the visa applicant would find it very difficult not to have the work rights for the whole time while awaiting a visa decision. That can be weeks, months, or even years.

In some cases, it is possible to request permission to work and to have condition 8105 removed from the bridging visa you are holding (or will be holding next).

Application for the PTW is usually based on financial hardship, but it is not the only grounds for applying for work rights.

In Shire Migration, we are experienced with the permission to work applications. We will assess your eligibility, and if your case has prospects of success, we will prepare an application on your behalf and will guide you on the necessary evidence.

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